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You've discovered the Musket Cove treasure
Boomer Phone
hobandboom wrote in heresboomer
Here's something for Timothy B. Hufnagle. (I wonder if his middle name could be Boomer?)

When we got the net at my house in the late 90s, one of the things I did early on was look for information about Here's Boomer, and found very little. I think that was both because search services weren't very good, and that there really was very little information about the show posted at the time.

One of the things I did find was a guy named Timothy B. Hufnagle, asking in several groups where he could find information about the episode 'Boomer And The Musket Cove Treasure'.

A few times over the past decade I've been in touch with him, letting him know about the Here's Boomer fan site and other sites I found, and seeing if he ever got a copy of the elusive episode for study. In the latest letter I barked about Musket Cove Treasure finally being available on the net in its entirety.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Like the Bucketeers episode, this one uses video from Germany (Boomer der Streuner) with the English audio from my TV tape, put together to recreate an English episode.

For Timothy and others, please enjoy. The full episodes should be available on file share sites as well.



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