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Boomer poster posted
Boomer Phone
hobandboom wrote in heresboomer
There's a new poster on! It's not photographic like posters for most TV shows are, it's a painting. I can't make out what the artist's name is, but I do appreciate their skill at drawing Boomer pictures. The strip at the bottom with all of the small Boomers is nice, and I copied just that part as a site graphic at the bottom of the home page.

You can see the full size poster here:

Happy St. Patrick's Day. I have a neighbor Dog down the street who the owners got on this holiday some years ago, and they named her Patty.


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You Got De Double Vision

It's a great poster, and looks like it does on the show only fluffier. :) I thought the little standing Boomer at the beginning of the strip looked familiar.

This is a two time post pooch. First you're happy and jamming to Myra Myra but you are cheerful when jamming to Wild Child. Double your pooches!

ARF! -Ric

Re: You Got De Double Vision

It's odd that there are two Booms, I didn't know it would do
that. Right now I'm working on a Here's Boomer with Todd
Bridges picture to put up next, just a media kit photo, black
and white. I also fixed the blog link on the site to send
fans here. There's more to come!

That little standing Boomer, you mean he looks like my snow
Dog? I'd have to bark yes.. :)

I was playing Sugarloaf's Greats and those were the songs
near the end of that collection. I was just listening to
Spooky Tooth now.


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